HBO, television programs that appear on HBO

HBO, television programs that appear on HBO

Progressive television with subscription choices added movie channels that could offer hit movies ad shows that are capable of entertaining beyond the censored norm of regular television and offers a contemporary schedule on the favorite HBO guide. Their diverse set of series offers a line up that is creative and simply enthralling. The series line up for the New Year will bring some old favorites and introduce new titles that will keep us entertained and spellbound.

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HBO made groundbreaking leaps with their Red Book Diaries and since has delivered thrilling episodes in several genres. One can travel back in time to the wild west through the series Deadwood and watch as the camp of outlaws struggle to bring civilization to their lives. The influence and money corrupts those in charge and turns Deadwood on its ear with scandal and greed. The long running hit has been nominated for several awards and has been the most watched and top running series on television for several years.


History makes for good television as drama and secrets unfold an another time traveling favorite new to the HBO programming is addictively set and Boardwalk Empires captures the imagination of all. As prohibition is passed the states are fighting an internal war and set in charming Atlantic City a hub of wealth and conspiracy set on the coast it is quickly a money binging fest as bootlegging becomes an enormous earning potential. The stars of Boardwalk are ruthless in their desires and the main character Nuck will buy and use whom ever and what ever to keep his ruthless empire. Set in the 1920’s the fashionable and alluring set will take viewers back in time and lend to the imagination the struggles and corruption that surrounded the states as the new laws enforced were dogmatically creating a market for subterfuge.

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As the fantasy of creativity melts into reality the hit series Bored to Death will travel with the character Jonathan Ames as his life engages the audience. Dealt a hand in life that he cannot escape the binge drinking novelist cannot quite seem to get it together and instead of buckling down and getting into the swing he instead escapes into his own little fantasy world where by night he carouses as a hot shot detective saving countless victims from crimes like his super hero comic book icons.  A creative and comedic twist that relates to those who simply wish they could escape by doing  barrel roll and follow this witty show and escape a little with Jonathan as he is engulfed by his fantasies.


Reality hits again to bring down its stars in another hit series on HBO, Eastbound and Down. A troubled jock Kenny is ready to become a big league player in baseball and is suddenly faced with the fact that he does not have what it take to make the big league and tucks his tail to return home to the small town where he grew up. In the small North Carolina town, Kenny is trying to heal his ego, lands a job as the gym teacher of the Middle School, and falls in love with his old child hood sweetheart. As it seems that Kenny may be finding some bits of retribution fate quickly takes a turn and admonishes his dreams once again. Dumping his new girlfriend, he leaves town to travel to Mexico to become a Cockfighter.

While the crews of several shows on HBO are chasing their dreams, a more reserved series is focusing on family life and a few twists in the hit series Big Love. Supporting a family can be hard and even more dramatic when you have three wives. If the love and scandal of the modern day polygamist Bill Hendrickson is not enough to keep you spellbound then his new ventures outside the home as he builds a new church and tackles the senate will keep viewers guessing as to what the infamous Bill will do next.


Several hit series on HBO will entertain and keep delivering laughs with another hits show in only its second season the new How to Make it in America. The characters are running around New York trying to make it rich and find themselves as ingenious entrepreneurs struggling like everyone in America and chasing the American dream. For a comedic take, the people in this tv online show are sure to deliver some laughs and other several comedy specials will keep the giggle bug alive with great comics such as Bill Maher and George Lopez as they deliver the answer to life the universe and everything plus their tasteful insights into what is really behind the scenes of America’s satirical existence and the pretentious values so easily entertained.

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